LG Watch Phone | High Tech Jewelry

If you want to know what features that this Gadget offers, lets analyze the phone more deeply.

First of all, know this! This LG Watch Phone is trully an attractive piece of jewelry. And not only that, it is also a technology demonstrator. Comes with a smart built in speaker and has voice recognition capabilities, able to do the text to speech conversion. So really the voice input is in the form of data which is converted to speech. It is based on the wide band code division multiple access and supports the very cutting edge field in high speed down link packet access, a system of data transmission and reception which enables extremely fast download speeds. And this watch can play music too !!

Digital Media proclaim this new avatar of the electronic world which has the state of the art touch screen dialer and is blue tooth compliant. The gadget can also plays MP3 music and has a screen measuring 3.63 cm diagonally. With the state of the art touch screen dialer and its blue tooth compliant makes LG Watch Phone wil definitely suits your needs.


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