iPhone | Four Main Feature That Rocks !!



Another breakthrough by Apple, the voicemail comes with visual function which you can go directly to any message you want to hear without listening other message first, that will minimize the time wasting by listening to other message. Quite effective feature i must say.

Google maps

Excellent feature in this modern world which can make your life easier using this Google maps and the maps applicaton from iPhone. One can be able to view directly to traffic information.

These four feature is just only some feature that i mentioned, but also the main reason why you should consider this gadget as a dream gadget one should have. Not to mention other feature such as the touch function. No more buttons to press. Comes with fancy design, it has a nice 3.5" screen.


This gadget isn't only a mobile phone. Because iPhone is integrated with iPod function with excellent big screen. It can play video and music.


This gadget features a HTML email client and the best browser for mobile, Safari, that will makes you easily synchronize bookmarks from your Mac or PC.