Laptop or Desktop | Which One to Choose ?

Choosing to buy a laptop or a desktop is a major purchase for most people, and the toss-up between a portable laptop or a powerful desktop is a sticking point for most people. Lets discuss the pros and cons of each option, and then you decide based on what option best fits your needs.

Over the last few years, laptop technology has been evolving at a rapid pace and the modern laptop has plenty power for the average home user in any kind of their computing needs. While laptops will generally be less powerful and have less storage ability than a desktop of a similar price, but with such portability would be a major plus that it's worth the sacrifice.

Desktop computers will generally have superior hardware, upgradable to a certain point higher than laptop. The other aspects, such as a faster processor, most of desktop with the same price range of laptop will have a faster processor.but this is not going to be an issue unless you are doing very intensive tasks - surfing the net, sending email, etc are not intensive tasks. With a reasonable amount of RAM - at least 2GB, laptop can be very convenient to use for such task.

Major plus of laptop is the portability. Wireless Internet can able you to use computer in any spot of this world. You can take the laptop on the deck in summer, or or use it in your couch at home in winter, watch TV while working, and many more option for the portability. The freedom offered is just brilliant.