SpyCam | Short Review

Nowadays, spycams are becoming a profitable new industry and are beginning to be used more regularly worldwide. Spycams can be used in a wide range of means, often used for security or surveillance, but they are used for other means as well. A spy cam is simply a small camera that can be hidden and is very unnoticable.

Spy cam technology varies from model to model. Some spy cams on the market comes with the size as small as a battery, while other cameras cam be hidden inside a pen. Specialized shops sell a wide variety of spy cams that are versatile enough to be used in any way the buyer sees fit. Spy cam equipment can vary in price from 10 dollars for old models bought secondhand, to thousands of dollars for state of the art technology that includes a monitor and other accessories, such as color spycams, built in microphone, etc.

Spy cam use is widespread, some people use it for spying their spouse when they go abroad, some of the many industries that use them include security companies, limo services, private detectives, and concerned parents who want to watch their babysitter. Many employers use spy cams to keep an eye on their employees just to make sure that the employee are working efficiently.


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